Dark-Chibi-Shadow, January 29th, 2015, 11:05 pm (Reply)

I'm back from con, which means I'm back to normal weekly updates for a while, choo choo!

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LaurenNH93, January 29th, 2015, 11:14 pm (Reply)

You make me feel awkward for you, Zeggy...

fokkusu1991 (Guest), January 29th, 2015, 11:15 pm (Reply)

Alkaline is starting to have ALL the right reaction faces.

Also... you could say Zeggy is... THIRSTY. :D

okamihanyu, January 29th, 2015, 11:23 pm (Reply)

Joe is unimpressed with your words Zeggy.

PikiiDylluan, January 30th, 2015, 6:52 am (Reply)

I don't think Zeggy was that much, a bit cocky yes, but not that awkward. The only thing in my opinion that he did and stepped on the limit was the elbow shove onto Alkaline, now the rest I do not believe it was that bad.
If I were new to a restaurant and a friend said that he wanted to share, I would be like "HELL YEAH! GIMME THAT DRINK" and I would do the same, "nice pick dude, here, want some of mine too?"
Oh god... Maybe I am Zeggy... NO.

Twelve (Guest), January 30th, 2015, 7:38 am (Reply)

Well, it's not what you say, but how you say it. Zeggy just could have been more smooth with it.

"This stuff's good. You want to try it? Nah, don't worry about germs, just enjoy it. I don't have anything you don't."

Cilio (Guest), January 30th, 2015, 7:40 am (Reply)

@Sulaka: Or he's about to give a verbal smackdown.

fokkusu1991 (Guest), January 30th, 2015, 9:31 am (Reply)

@PikiiDylluan: Uhhh, I think people typically only share drinks if they're dating. The point is that Zeggy tends to treat Alkaline like a sex object and/or boyfriend, and he is neither. Yes, they start dating later, but for now Zeggy's behavior is making Alkaline VERY uncomfortable.

kolbibeef, January 30th, 2015, 10:33 am (Reply)

Zeggy, buddy.... you're coming on way too strong

PikiiDylluan, January 30th, 2015, 12:00 pm (Reply)
I'm portuguese and now this is awkward...
@fokkusu1991: Well, maybe it's just a cultural difference, because where I live there's no problem in sharing drinks with others, may we be in a relationship or not. ^^'

fokkusu1991 (Guest), January 30th, 2015, 12:12 pm (Reply)

@PikiiDylluan: Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel awkward! But yeah, over here in the US (where Alkaline is from too) people usually don't share drinks unless they're a couple. :)

PikiiDylluan, January 30th, 2015, 12:47 pm (Reply)

@fokkusu1991: Nah, it's okay, don't worry ^^
I understand now (o u o)

Caille (Guest), January 30th, 2015, 5:17 pm (Reply)

@fokkusu1991: how do you know for sure that they will start dating?

fokkusu1991 (Guest), January 30th, 2015, 8:56 pm (Reply)


Also because DCS has said many times that they will~ :3

Dark-Chibi-Shadow, January 31st, 2015, 1:28 am (Reply)

@Caille: What Fokku said it right-- about the dating AND about the kissing on the front page!

They do indeed eventually start dating, but it takes a long time to get there so please be patient with these two!

Izu-chan (Guest), January 31st, 2015, 1:58 am (Reply)

*finallygetsdonereadingthewholecomicsofarinonesittingWHEEZES* >A>

Yaay I'm a new faaan~ \(o7o)/ Just gotta say, I love this concept of space school since I kinda write about similar things myself (that which I've not finished/developed yet TT3TT), but since I read through this all in one sitting, I kinda have little to say since everyone else already said the stuff (and other stuff I didn't think about >3>). But I do have two comments and one question that's been bugging me for a while:

1. I....I'm not into girls, but I gotta admit, Omnivera's HOT ;A; And her color scheme/palate/whatever-it-is-you-call-somebody's-color-pattern thing makes her even sexier ;/////;

2. That one guy with the stingray-looking tail......Adorable....Goddammit....And Twanny.....I'd love to see more of him *swoons-and-faints* ;////;

3. This has been bugging me for quite a while (or rather, ever since I started reading this): If Zeggy's blood is green, then why does his face turn purple/pink/red whenever he blushes? Shouldn't he blush green? Or maybe he has different colored blood cells in his face o3o; I don't know, it's just bugged me, because Twanny blushes purple-ish, so I assume his blood is purple, and I have my own alien character who has blue blood, so whenever *he* blushes, his face turns blue. Uumm....yeeeeeeeeeeah, sorry about this, it's just my curiosity and shit and......okay..*hides*

Dark-Chibi-Shadow, January 31st, 2015, 3:10 am (Reply)

@Izu-chan: He blushes pink because when the blood rushes to his face it's showing color that's underneath the purple, if that makes sense? ((Since his people aren't born purple, they are 'made' purple...))

Honestly, it's mostly just for aesthetics! I most often only think about the way things look and not how they work-- but if you want sort of an explanation-- that's one I've been told that I like and fits into his backstory.

Izu-chan (Guest), January 31st, 2015, 3:13 am (Reply)

@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Yeah, it makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up (and it's okay if it's just for aesthetics too ;v;)

Moe (Guest), February 1st, 2015, 3:04 pm (Reply)

@PikiiDylluan: I think the problem is that Zeggy isn't interested in just being friends with Alkaline - he's wants more, and it's making Alkaline feel uncomfortable. Alkaline has tried to brush him off, but he keeps pushing. The thing is Alkaline KNOWS Zeggy is interested and is currently not interested, if he were to take a drink, Zeggy might interpret that as Alkaline liking him back. It's not that Zeggy is "too much" in this scene, but he's been "Too much" since the beginning and Alkaline is really annoyed now (Kind of like those little things that add up).

Yumikarp, February 1st, 2015, 8:11 pm (Reply)

I don't know, in my culture it's common for friends (of any gender) to share drinks. When I tried out a new coffee at some café, I asked my friend if he wanted to try it. We don't even wipe if it's with friends, but our Japanese friends who were with us started blushing and later asked me if we "liked" each other LOL.
So anyway, yeah, I can't really say I understand Alkaline's reaction. ;;;

footnoodles, February 4th, 2015, 4:08 am (Reply)


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