About the Comic

Zeggy-- an alien and real creep, attends the acclaimed Space School and possesses rad powers he doesn't quite deserve. Thru the early parts of the comic, Zeggy learns his actions and words actually affect others and if he ever wants to have real friends and real relationships-- something's got to give.

Space School is a comedy but it's all about watching people grow and learn from each other. Though maybe it lacks "people" and instead stars a gay purple alien, a bird, a loud goat, and a cyborg southern kid with impossible hair. Also a few hot teachers here and there and some sweet action scenes.

First created as a humble, two-person RP to simply pass the time, Space School was a no bars, fun RP with no intent for a plot or comic. Started between DCS, as Zeggy, and Niku, as Alkaline, it quickly gained interest amongst close friends. Nami came in with Joe and later Mabs showed up with Toggenburg, or "Toggy" as they're more well known as. DCS now draws the comic based mostly around the RP's that have been made, although heavily edited.

About the Author

DCS has been comicing for over 10 years now, and is hard pressed to find a time in life when they weren't working on comics. DCS loves drawing comics and porn the best. Their current dream is to create a Space School visual novel.

DCS was Zeggy, Dude, Twanny, Maleena, Terrago, and many other minor characters in the original roleplay. Their favorite character in Space School is Alkaline and they spend most of their time cuddling an Alkaline body pillow.

Favorite foods include udon, Chipotle, tomatoes, and pomegranates. Favorite series include Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and FullMetal Alchemist.

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About the Editor

Niku, editor and all around cool dude, dreams of working in the video game industry someway, somehow. Until then she'll happily edit dialogue, pick her nose, and maybe draw.

Niku created Alkaline, Dennis, and Vavara along with general world building and combined story direction with Space School.

Favorite foods are basically every damn thing. Like, all of it. Mostly meat. Favorite series and things are Kingdom Hearts, Undertale, Earthbound and a whole bunch of other games that would make the about page too long.

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