Zeggy-- an alien and real creep, attends the acclaimed Space School and possesses rad powers he doesn't quite deserve. Thru the early parts of the comic, Zeggy learns his actions and words actually affect others and if he ever wants to have real friends and real relationships-- something's got to give. Aliens, comedy, drama, teen angst-- we've got it all! Gay, Ace, and general Queer themes abound! UPDATES ONCE WEEKLY!

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News and Updates!

Lanyards and pins are here!

Hey all!

This is just to let everyone that we've got two new merch items up on the Etsy!

There's a lanyard -- which includes the whole cast!

And enamel pins of Alkaline and Zeggy!

There's also still the good 'ol reliable old merch as well!

Thanks everyone!

Space School will be at Anime Oasis!

Going to Anime Oasis this Memorial Day weekend? Well hey, I'll be there too!

I'll new merch like my lanyards AND I'll be open for small commissions as well; I'll also have my other books available if you wanna check 'em out.

Hope to see some of you there!